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Meet Zach

Video Review

Zach felt comfortable during appointments because Dr. Nicole and Dr. Greg were friendly and easy to talk to. He definitely recommends Nalchajian Orthodontics.

Zack got braces in Clovis, CA

Zach's Story

"I first came in here because I was referred by a friend, and they told me that all the people that work here are really nice, and they do a great job. Dr. Nicole is just awesome. She's easy to talk to, and she's really funny, and she does a great job. Dr. Greg is fun to talk to, he's funny, and he does a really good job. They're all just really nice, and when you're getting worked on, they try and talk to you, makes it a little bit more fun coming. The workers here are interactive and talk to you. I definitely recommended Nalchajian Orthodontics."

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