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Instructions: Bite Turbo


Your new bite turbo is a specialized appliance to help us create your new smile. The bite turbo will make your mouth feel different at first, and it’s important that you know how to care for it properly.

Your bite turbos are designed to protect your new appliance while we correct your bite. Sometimes, an overbite, underbite, or crossbite can cause your teeth to touch your new appliance when you close your mouth. This can make it hard for us to correct your smile and can even cause you to damage your teeth or your appliance. Your bite turbos act as “speed bumps” and will keep you from closing your mouth fully, so your teeth don’t touch your new appliance. We may place the small bite turbo blocks on your front teeth or in the back of your mouth on your molars, depending on your bite problem.

Caring for your new bite turbos is simple and easy. When you are brushing your teeth, take extra care to brush all the way around the bite turbo, as plaque and food can get stuck underneath them. Be sure to apply gentle pressure to your toothbrush to clean the surfaces of your teeth and appliances. You can use a small mirror to check the area around the bite turbo and make sure it is clean.

Bite turbos will make your mouth feel different when you first receive them, but most patients get used to them quickly. Once your bite has adjusted, and you can close your mouth without touching your appliance, we will remove the bite turbos and make the final adjustments to your new smile.

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