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Let Freedom Ring!

Congratulations on the successful completion of the active part of your orthodontic treatment! We know that you are proud of the way your teeth look and feel, and you should be. Your help and cooperation have played a very important role in your treatment.

You will now start the active retention phase of your care. We would like to remind you that this part of your orthodontic care is just as important as the active braces or aligner phase in determining the ultimate success of your treatment.

The active retention phase of 9 months and its cost have been included in the original treatment fee, and there will be no additional cost during this period unless the retainer is lost or broken. During active retention, the replacement cost of one set of clear retainers is $320. Setting up retainer check appointments is your responsibility. Once the active retention period is over, we will be happy to check and adjust your retainers for a per-visit fee of $85.

Retainers are a lifetime commitment! To preserve the benefits you have received, you must maintain a careful home oral hygiene program. You must also follow the instructions for wearing the removable retainer you received. If you have not had a complete dental examination and cleaning within the last 6 months, please contact your family dentist and schedule an appointment.

Thank you for selecting Nalchajian Orthodontics. We are delighted to have worked with you to create a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

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