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We're Committed to
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We are taking additional measures to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff while our office remains open.

Our Commitment to Health & Safety

As always, our practice takes every precaution to keep patients and staff safe and healthy. While we have always adhered to and exceeded the standards for decontamination set by OSHA, we are going one step further and incorporating the latest CDC guidelines.

The Measures We Are Taking To Protect Our Patients

Our Scheduling Protocol

In conjunction with recommendations from the American Dental Association, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, other professional medical/dental societies, as well as the mandate from our state’s governor, we are limiting patient care to emergencies and urgencies. Patients are seen by appointment and spread throughout our working hours so that generally no more than two or three will be in a large waiting room at any given time, thereby avoiding overcrowding and allowing them to maintain safe physical distancing from others.

Patient Screening Process
Patients are questioned over the phone when their appointment is being arranged. First, they are asked questions to determine if their problem is indeed urgent or emergent and something that we can treat. If so, they are asked questions to reveal any history to suggest exposure to the coronavirus or symptoms to suggest that they may be actively suffering the symptoms of the COVID-19 infection. We have large signs on our doors asking any potentially infected person to NOT enter. As patients enter the clinic, they are asked these questions verbally again, their temperature is checked with an infrared thermometer, and they are actually asked to fill out and sign a detailed patient questionnaire with similar questions designed to reveal any exposure to or possible infection from the virus.

How We’re Managing Infection Control
Like most dental and oral and maxillofacial surgery practices, we have a detailed infection control plan in place that complies with recommendations and guidelines from OSHA, the American Dental Association, and the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have enhanced these measures, providing additional screening for all patients and the use of enhanced PPE to avoid the staff’s exposure to the possible aerosolized transmission of a respiratory illness.

Sanitizing Our Practice
Our exam and surgical chairs are covered by disposable plastic bags/drapes that are changed between patients. All surfaces, from the front desk counter to door handles to any uncovered surface in the operatories, are disinfected between patients using hydrogen peroxide-based tuberculocidal/viricidal/bactericidal disinfectant wipes.

Keeping Our Social Distance
Upon check-in, patients (other than minors or adults who cannot function by themselves) are asked to have escorts/friends/family members accompanying them to wait outside the building or in their vehicles. (Their location and/or cell number is recorded so they may be contacted in case they are needed.) The patients themselves are directed to areas in the waiting rooms so that they may be positioned more than six feet apart from any other patients.

How We Are Protecting the Safety of Our Staff & Doctors

Staff Screening Process
We check our staff temperatures daily using an infrared thermometer. Every team member runs through the same series of questions that we pose to potential patients to reveal any exposure history or symptoms that might suggest they could be infected with the Coronavirus.

Personal Protection Equipment
All staff wear scrubs and a long-sleeved lab coat (laundered daily) as well as a surgical mask for all patient encounters. Any time a patient is actually contacted, gloves are worn. For surgical procedures, in addition to the above, all staff involved wear disposable surgical gowns, level N95 respiratory masks and full-face shields or some other form eye protection.

For questions or clarification about these measures, please contact us at (559) 432-7100.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO PATIENTS: If you or someone in your household have a fever, cough, or flu-like symptoms, please stay at home and don’t come to the practice. Your doctor may request an online video consultation if you are displaying symptoms.

At Nalchajian Orthodontics, we appreciate the ongoing support from our patients, referring providers, families, and friends. Thank you for your patience and cooperation while these measures are put into effect.

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