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Meet Maureen

Video Review

Maureen treated herself to an early retirement gift: braces! Everything about this experience was amazing thanks to Dr. Greg and Dr. Nicole.

Maureen's child got braces in Clovis, CA

Maureen's Story

"I was going to treat myself to an early retirement gift and have braces. I heard from mutual friends – coworkers – about Dr. Nalchajian (Dr. Greg and Dr. Nicole). My experience, from the beginning, was nothing but warm – from the front desk all the way to the techs to Dr. Greg and Dr. Nicole. I'm a pretty confident person, but I think I became even more confident. I just feel so amazing about everything that's happened. It was a wonderful experience. I have so many friends that want to get braces. They are anxious to start on track and get their best smile they possibly can have. I recommend Nalchajian Orthodontics."

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