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Meet Annika

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Annika has four children who needed braces. They were excited to come in for appointments, and Dr. Nicole made the whole family feel at ease.

Annika got braces in Fresno, CA

Annika's Story

"I have four kids, and all of them needed braces. It’s been really easy coming here as opposed to when I tell my kids that I’m going to take them to a doctor’s appointment. They’re really excited, they know that it's a friendly atmosphere, and the staff always greets them. They always are sure to make sure that we understand what the doctor has said and give us clear instructions for how to make sure that we have a seamless transition to being able to make sure the braces are a success. Dr. Nicole is someone who makes the kids feel at ease, and you know that she really wants to make sure that their smile turns out perfect. So, if any of my friends or family are looking for an orthodontist—for not just their kids, but for them—I would, without reservation, recommend Dr. Nicole."

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