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Meet Jordan

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Jordan needed braces before her jaw surgery. The staff always asks how she’s doing and the doctors make her feel so comfortable during visits.

Jordan got braces in Clovis, CA

Jordan's Story

"I came here to get braces before my jaw surgery. I get my braces off in about a year. I love how everybody's really friendly, and they all know my name. They all just say, "Hey Jordan, how are you? How's it going?" Dr. Nicole is really great. I love her. She's amazing, and she's so nice. Dr. Greg is the same. I really love him. I feel like your smile completes you, so when I get off my braces, I'll be completed. I love Nalchajian Orthodontics. If anybody asks about my orthodontist for just talking about it, I really say, "I genuinely love Nalchajian Orthodontics.""

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