Bite Correction

There are many kinds of bite problems that cause issues such as pain, TMJ, speech impairment, or gum disease and can be treated using a Herbst appliance.

A Proper Bite Is Important

At Nalchajian Orthodontics, our expert doctors can correct lots of complex orthodontic problem. One of the most common issues we see is problems with a patient’s bite. There are many different kinds of bite problems, and the type of treatment that Dr. Greg Nalchajian or Dr. Nicole Nalchajian recommends will depend on your unique situation.

Types of Misalignment

An overbite occurs when the upper jaw and teeth severely overlap with the lower jaw. When the lower teeth extend further than the upper jaw, this is called an underbite. Patients who have a crossbite have jaws that meet slightly to the left or the right of one another.

Bite misalignments can vary in severity and can cause many issues, including

Thankfully, there are many options for correcting a bite misalignment, such as the Herbst appliance and the use of elastics. Your orthodontist will determine the type of bite correction method used as part of your specific treatment plan.

Correcting Bite Misalignment

The Herbst appliance is placed on the back molars using a metal connector piece between your upper and lower jaw. Once the Herbst appliance is placed, the patient is only able to close their mouth with their jaw in its new position. Because the Herbst appliance is not removable, it ensures consistent use and can even speed up the treatment process.

Elastics work similarly to the Herbst appliance but are completely removable. However, you should wear your elastics 24 hours a day and only remove them when you are brushing, flossing, or replacing your elastics with new ones. Elastics should be changed at least every 12 hours to ensure proper elasticity and tension.

Bite Correction in Fresno, CA, and Clovis, CA

If your child has a bite problem or experiences difficulty closing their mouth and chewing foods completely, orthodontic treatment may be able to correct the problem. Please contact one of our offices for more information and to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Greg or Dr. Nicole Nalchajian.