Assisted Eruption of Impacted Teeth

When permanent teeth are unable to grow properly, impaction can occur. Assisted eruption helps the tooth properly emerge in the mouth.

Assisted Eruption of Impacted Teeth

How to Treat Impacted Teeth

Sometimes, permanent teeth are unable to grow into the mouth properly. This is known as impaction. When this happens, the new tooth that sits below the gums remains trapped or only partially erupted and can be caused by tooth, bone, or soft tissue. Wisdom teeth and canines are the most common teeth affected by impaction, although incisors, premolars, and molars are all susceptible.

A tooth can become impacted for several reasons, such as

A routine treatment for impacted teeth is assisted eruption. An oral surgeon or periodontist will work with your orthodontist to carefully guide the impacted teeth into their proper place.

How does assisted eruption work?

You will need braces to prepare your mouth and make room for the impacted tooth to move into position. Your orthodontist will use the braces as the anchoring force that will pull the impacted tooth into place.

Next, a surgical procedure, performed by an oral surgeon or periodontist, will expose the trapped tooth by carefully moving the overlying gum and/or bone tissue. A small orthodontic bracket and chain will be bonded to the exposed tooth. Following the natural growth track of the tooth, your orthodontist will use the chain to guide the impacted tooth into place.

Why do I need assisted eruption treatment?

Untreated impacted teeth can cause several complications, such as

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