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Meet Dr. Berglund

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Dr. Berglund enjoys working with Dr. Nicole and Dr. Greg because they practice excellent communication and provide patients with exceptional care.

Dr. Berglund refers her patients to Nalchajian Orthodontics

Dr. Berglund's Story

"We refer to the Nalchajian Ortho office because we love them. Their team is great. They're super caring. Both Dr. Nicole and Dr. Greg are fantastic. They work really hard to do the best care for all of their patients. We primarily refer younger kids—7 and above—but more recently, we have referred quite a few adults for more Invisalign® cases. Dr. Nicole and Dr. Greg's office communicates with our office frequently. Everything from the initial check to make sure they're ready to continue with care to the end to say that everything is great and the patients are doing wonderful."

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