When there’s not enough room in the mouth to accommodate an orthodontic appliance, separators can be used to provide the needed space.


Separators Provide Space

Sometimes there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate orthodontic appliances. At Nalchajian Orthodontics, Drs. Greg and Nicole provide efficient and effective treatment options to prepare your mouth for a long-lasting smile. Separators, commonly known as spacers, are a quick and standard way to create the space needed to start or continue a patient’s orthodontic journey. When you visit our offices in Fresno, CA, or Clovis, CA, we will provide a personalized treatment plan for your orthodontic care, which may include the use of spacers.

What are spacers?

Spacers are small elastic bands that are inserted between select teeth about a week or so before placing orthodontic appliances. The number one goal of using spacers is to separate teeth that are too close together for our team to place an orthodontic appliance. This simple solution moves the teeth apart and ensures that our team can efficiently and accurately place the appliance for your best result.

How do spacers work?

Spacers can be easily placed in the mouth! Drs. Greg and Nicole will carefully guide the small band in position, just like the way you would floss your teeth. While you may feel a little bit of pressure between your teeth in that area, placing spacers is usually a comfortable and quick process. Some of our patients say it almost feels like they have a little piece of food between their teeth. Over the next week or so, the spacers will gradually move the teeth just enough for the orthodontic appliances to fit into your mouth. Many patients enjoy receiving spacers before their appliance because it can make the appliance more comfortable when we place it. You may feel a slight discomfort or pressure immediately after we place the spacer, but many patients find they do not even notice the spacers shortly afterward. Once placed, the spacers are secure but can shift from their proper position from time to time. If this happens, please notify our office right away. Although it is a rare occurrence, it is important that we inspect your mouth if your spacer happens to come out. This allows us to ensure that it has not lodged inside the gums and restore its placement so that you will be ready for your new appliance on time!

Spacers for Orthodontic Care in Fresno, CA, and Clovis, CA

Whether you are receiving a simple retainer or a full set of braces, spacers allow our team to prepare your mouth for the best possible result. We will be able to determine if we need to place spacers during your first appointment with us. Contact Nalchajian Orthodontics in Fresno or Clovis to if you have any questions about your orthodontic care. Drs. Greg and Nicole look forward to seeing you smile with confidence.