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Meet Andrew

Andrew felt comfortable with Dr. Nicole, Dr. Greg, and their staff. He knows that having straight teeth will make him more confident and be more outgoing with friends.

When I first walked through the door, it felt really inviting. The front desk—they were great people, really polite, so I felt welcome. Dr. Nicole made me feel great. She would always ask how my day was, and it was a really nice experience. Dr. Greg was great. You could really tell that he cares. Me having straight teeth will definitely help my confidence. It’ll help me smile more. It’ll help me be more outgoing with my friends. It’s really a great thing to have. I would give Nalchajian five stars, for sure. They were really great with everything, every single aspect of it. For any of my friends or family that need Invisalign®, I would definitely recommend Nalchajian Orthodontics.

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