Orthodontics in Fresno, CA

Orthodontics in Fresno, CA

At Nalchajian Orthodontics, we know how much a healthy, aligned smile can impact someone’s life. That’s why we offer exceptional orthodontic services to all ages; we want you to be proud of your smile. Drs. Greg and Nicole take time to get to know every patient so that we can provide individualized care that you need. Our Fresno, CA, office is located next to many great things to see and do, such as the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Forestiere Underground Gardens, Island Waterpark, and Yosemite National Park. Fresno has such a historic and warm community, which is why we knew it would be an excellent location for our practice.


An aligned smile does more than look beautiful—it ensures that you have a healthy bite and can correct other oral complications like overcrowding and disorders of the jaw joints. Braces have the power to make individuals feel better about their smile and your team at Nalchajian Orthodontics is here to guide you through this very important journey. It is recommended that children begin orthodontic treatment around the age of 7 because this is when their permanent teeth are developing, and orthodontic care can help properly shape and align their developing mouths. Drs. Greg and Nicole can’t wait to help you or your child achieve a happy and healthy smile!


Our team of highly skilled experts have a lot of experience treating patients with Invisalign. This custom-made clear alignment treatment option is virtually invisible and can be removed during eating and brushing. With traditional braces, you have to take special care to brush around and keep clean, but with Invisalign, you can simply remove the entire retainer and brush regularly. This treatment option is great for correcting gapped teeth, tooth crowding, or any type of misaligned bite. Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Greg or Dr. Nicole to see how Invisalign can help your smile.

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Greg Nalchajian, DDS, and Nicole Nalchajian, DDS, MSD, can provide top-notch orthodontic care to patients of all ages in Fresno, CA, and the following areas: