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When you’re kind to others, you do good and you feel good. At Nalchajian Orthodontics, we continue to promote kindness with our annual EMPOWER Human Kindness initiative.

This year, we invited students from across our region to tell us how they EMPOWER Human Kindness at school and in our community through tutoring, volunteering, community cleanup events, and more. After reviewing all submissions, we selected Carson, 15, a freshman at Endeavor Charter School in Fresno.

In his video application, Carson explained that he has been part of the Sanger Fire Explorer Program for just over a year. This program has given him similar training to that of an entry-level firefighter. It has given him the opportunity to assist with over 30 medical calls throughout the community, allowing him to go into homes, help those in car crashes, and more. He explained that when people call 911, they expect help, and he is honored that he can be one of the people who provides assistance to those in need. Beyond the fire department, Carson volunteers at his church and helps teachers at school in small and large ways, knowing that they do not always get the support they need. Carson hopes to continue to serve throughout our region and community as he continues on through high school and beyond, knowing that he wants to help wherever and whenever he can.

It is our pleasure to continue to partner with Carson as he works to EMPOWER Human Kindness in our community and beyond. As this year’s EMPOWER Human Kindness Ambassador, he also received a $2,500 scholarship!

We hope that this initiative and Carson’s story helps students express themselves and empowers them to continue to spread kindness in the days, months, and years ahead.

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