I just want to know that me being myself can help other people come out and be themselves.

About the campaign

The team at Nalchajian Orthodontics launched the EMPOWER Human Kindness initiative during National Bullying Prevention Month in October 2019. The program aims to combat bullying in our schools and our community by inviting students to talk about their experiences.

Fanni, a high school senior at Design Science High School, shared her empowering yet devastating essay through the Nalchajian Orthodontics’ EMPOWER Human Kindness anti-bullying program. She bravely shared how her best friend was constantly harassed by two boys in middle school; she wanted to help, but was too shy and didn’t know how. The constant bullying ultimately caused her friend to take her own life. Fanni explained that her friend’s suicide not only impacted her but her entire school. Fanni said, “My perspective changed, and I knew that my actions and lack of actions could change the way someone feels. I don’t want to be quiet anymore when I know something wrong is happening. I want to inspire others to stand up against bullying.” Fanni is part of her school’s leadership group and volunteers as a way to give back to the community.

The surprise announcement was made on World Kindness Day, November 13, at Design Science High School. Dr. Nicole Nalchajain was proud to give Fanni the $2,500 EMPOWER Human Kindness Scholarship and announced that she will be the first EMPOWER Human Kindness Ambassador.

We continue to encourage students and others to EMPOWER Human Kindness in their everyday lives at school and wherever they are.