CBCT scanning

Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans provide more information than traditional dental or facial X-rays, leading to accurate diagnoses and treatments.

About CBCT scanning

CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography. Traditionally, dentists and orthodontists used X-rays to capture images of a patient’s jaw, teeth, and face. While many practices still utilize X-rays, they are limited in terms of the amount of detail and maneuverability because they are only 2-dimensional. At Nalchajian Orthodontics, we use advanced CBCT scanning technology.

These machines give us a 3-dimensional look at a patient’s teeth and jaws, soft tissue, and nerve paths. During the scan, a motorized arm rotates 360 degrees around your head. It captures multiple images from different angles that are then reconstructed to create a single 3D image. We can move the image around and view your condition from virtually every angle. This is especially helpful when it comes to creating treatment plans, and since we can see your teeth in depth, we can create highly accurate and effective plans.

CBCT scans are commonly used to evaluate the position of the teeth, facial structures, and the airway. They benefit the planning of recovering impacted teeth.

Using CBCT scanning to diagnose airway and behavioral problems

The data collected by these scans create highly detailed images of a patient’s teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears, nose, and throat. These images can help the doctor detect craniofacial anomalies and airway problems, which could have an impact on a patient’s behavior or be a cause for sleep apnea. In children, CBCT scans are beneficial in understanding the complexity and course of a child’s cleft lip or palate.

Upper airway problems are a serious concern for preschoolers and older children. The most common cause of these issues is an obstruction in the nasal passages, which leads to the development of an abnormal respiratory tract. CBCT scans can help your doctor evaluate the airways and detect the presence of airway pathologies. This can help diagnose more serious problems and ensure your child receives any necessary treatment sooner rather than later.

Benefits of CBCT scans

This highly sophisticated scanning technology allows us to properly diagnose and accurately treat all of our patients. CBCT scans are helpful for many reasons:

The Planmeca ProMax CBCT scanner that our office uses offers less radiation exposure overall, including:

CBCT scanning is a highly effective tool that benefits both the doctor and the patient. When you come to Nalchajian Orthodontics during your consultation appointment, we will likely take scans of your mouth and face to design an accurate and effective treatment plan.

3D CT scanning in Fresno and Clovis, CA

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