Palatal Expander

When the roof of your mouth is too narrow, issues with bite, alignment, or breathing can occur. Palatal expanders widen the upper jaw and create more space in the mouth.

Palatal Expander

Learn How Palatal Expanders Can Help Your Child

The roof of your mouth is called the palate and is part of your upper jaw. Issues with bite, alignment, or even breathing can result when a palate is too narrow. Treatment with a palatal expander is very common and can be provided at either of our offices in Fresno, CA, or Clovis, CA. Dr. Greg Nalchajian and Dr. Nicole Nalchajian will assess your current condition and review all your options for orthodontic care, including palatal expansion during your first appointment.

How does a palatal expander work?

The maxilla, also called the upper jaw, is made up of the palate and the upper arch. During childhood, the 2 bones of the maxilla come together to form the midline suture but do not completely fuse together until after puberty. Therefore, palatal development is much easier with pediatric patients.

A customized appliance, known as a palatal expander, is attached to the upper molars to widen the maxilla. A specialized key is used once or twice a day to adjust the device and gently expand the palate by stimulating growth at the midline suture—your orthodontist determines the frequency and turns before treatment. This places a slight pressure on the upper molars each time the expander is adjusted but is gentle enough for most patients not to feel any pain, although minimal discomfort is normal. A gap may develop between the 2 front teeth as the palate expands and usually closes on its own, but braces may be needed to correct the spacing of the teeth.

On average, a palate is expanded within 2–3 weeks. However, to secure the new expansion and to prevent regression, the appliance will need to be worn for several months more.

Palatal Expansion in Fresno, CA, and Clovis, CA

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